Our e-fulfillment services

We offer a full range of e-fulfillment services, from powerful e-fulfilent software to returns handling. You can find some more information about our services below:

  • E-Warehouse
    The first step in the logistics process is to correctly link the systems in question. Whether you sell your products through a web shop or online store that you have developed yourself, or through a marketplace such as Bol.com or Ebay, we will make the right links for your online channels so that we can start your e-fulfillment! 
  • Inbound goods/goods receipt
    Goods receipt is the next step. The received goods are checked and counted and then immediately stored in the relevant locations and processed in our E-warehouse system. The locations can range from tote to shelf or pallet. 
  • Order picking & packing
    We carefully pick and pack your orders as soon as we receive the message that the order has been placed in your online shop. The link between your online shop and our E-warehouse makes this a fully automatic process. When the goods arrive on the packing table, the packer carries out a final check and finishes the order.

  • Stock management
    If you are generating a high online sales volume, it is vital to keep close track of your stock levels. You don’t want to run out of any products! Our E-warehouse system gives you real-time stock information at all times, enabling you to take action immediately. 
  • Returns
    Returns are an unavoidable aspect of online sales. HC Group also takes care of your inbound return shipments. We make sure that each return shipment is handled properly and correctly giving you an opportunity to always make your customer happy. 
  • Customer service
    HC Group can handle your entire logistics process, but as your e-fulfillment partner we can also take care of your customer service. We then act as ‘first line customer service’ handling the most frequently asked questions for you. Of course, any specific questions, requests or complaints which require your expertise will be put through to you immediately.

HC Group as your e-fulfillment partner

Our many years of experience have taught us how to cater to your needs and how to recognise situations that call for customised solutions. We like to look at things from your perspective and we intend to help you grow your online business. Experience the power of e-fulfillment and enjoy the fact that you get more time to focus on your core business. 

If you would like to know what HC Group can do for you as your e-fulfillment partner, fill in the contact form or call us! 

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