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Goods receipt activities

There are four steps in goods receipt: planning and information, receipt and inspection, storage/planning for use in production or sales, and returns. 

  1. These activities start with preparing the planning schedule and collecting information about suppliers.
  2. The next step is to check the supplier's shipment to make sure that the delivery matches specifications and that the goods are in good condition. A delivery which has satisfied all these criteria will be accepted.
  3. Once the goods have been received and inspected, they are entered into our E-Warehouse system (fulfilment software) under the barcodes assigned to them. This system enables you keep your stock up to date and your stock levels up to par. Our dedicated management software gives you real-time status information — we record all actions and observations according to a fixed procedure coordinated with you (providing accurate stock details). You therefore remain aware of how many items of a certain product are in stock and when to order new ones. 
  4. When we take receipt of your goods, our trained staff will ensure smooth receipt of the goods, adopting special procedures for fragile or extra high quality goods. If your order includes fragile items, HC Group will take extra care when checking the inbound goods.
Why choose HC Group?
Perfect geographical location Real-time inventory management Correct and efficient return processing Customized solutions

Real-time data about your goods

You can be sure that any products which have gone through our goods receipt procedure will be stored safely and properly at HC Group. And our E-Warehouse enables you to monitor the status of your stock in real time. There are several different storage possibilities in our warehouse. If you would like to know more about this, please see our Warehousing page.

Goods receipt at HC Group

HC Group knows the importance of a correct and efficient goods receipt procedure. That is why we require our team to stay innovative at all times and why our software developers implement the latest technologies. The location of our warehouse in the ‘Blue Banana’ greatly contributes to our efficient processes. It gives us direct connections with major shipping carriers such as DHL, DPD and Dascher. Would you like to know more about what HC Group can do for you? Call us now; our specialists will be happy to answer all your questions. If you would rather send us a message, please use our contact form.

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