When an order is placed in your online shop(s), it is reported directly to our order pickers and logistics staff. They immediately start picking the orders, taking care that this is done correctly. HC Group handles both small items stored in totes and large orders which our reach truck drivers prepare for dispatch. If you sell different types and sizes of products which need to be handled as one order, you have no reason to worry! The members of our team work closely together to enable customised orders to be handled as well. 

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The next step in the order fulfillment process is packing the items that have been picked. Before packing the orders, we check that the right items have been picked and that there is no damage which should be reported. Once the correct items have been picked, they are packed as specified. We make sure your package has the right look and feel, is packed in a box of the right size and colour, and includes the packing slip in your house style, any flyers and matching padding material. Our range features a standard selection of more than 40 different types of packaging material from which the order picker can choose the best option for your product.


Shipping the orders, an important element of e-fulfillment, is the next step after picking, checking and packing the items. Our perfect geographical location in the ‘Blue Banana’ gives us direct access to the large German networks of DPD, DHL and Dascher. This enables us to not only ship your orders in the Netherlands and Belgium but to extend your range to the rest of Europe. If you have plans to expand into a strong European web shop or online store that ships to other countries as well, let's talk!

HC Group - efficient fulfillment of your orders

Want to make sure that your orders will reach your customers in the most efficient way? Contact us now. The HC Group team is available seven days a week to act as the logistical backbone for your online store or web shop. A partner you can rely on. We help both small web shop owners who handle 50 to 100+ orders a month, as well as major online shops which have been in business for years and have a stable flow of 1000+ orders every month. The orders are relayed fully automatically by the link established between your online shop and our software, so there is no need for you to worry about that. When an order is placed in your online shop, it is relayed directly to us so that we can start working for you.

Why choose HC Group?
Perfect geographical location Real-time inventory management Correct and efficient return processing Customized solutions
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We are HC Group, a fast growing logistics service provider that specializes in taking care of web orders. For our customers we are constantly working to fulfill our promise: e-commerce made simple! And we do that for an ever-growing number of webshops. Will you grow with us?