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The work of an order picker

At HC Group we understand the importance of varied work. This ensures a pleasant working atmosphere where the days pass quickly. As an order picker you are mainly responsible for collecting and preparing the orders in our warehouse. Further tasks consist of receiving goods, storing them correctly and preparing them for shipment.

In our warehouse, orders must be collected from various racks, which may require the assistance of internal means of transport. You check the collected orders for quality, quantity and whether the order has the correct labels. After checking, the entire order is prepared for transport and you may need to assist with loading and unloading the cargo. Further tasks are:

  • Report/report any details to a supervisor;
  • Checking incoming freight (quantity, condition and labels);
  • Processing returns;
  • Cleaning and tidying up the workplace;
  • Ensuring safety in our warehouse.

HC Group

Want to get started as an order picker in Weert?

Would you like to work as an order picker in the Weert region? Then look no further! Both our office and warehouse are located in Weert. Just like other warehouse employees at HC Group, our order pickers also work in two shifts. These consist of a morning and an afternoon shift. Although working in shifts is not for everyone, it does bring many advantages. Of course the financial compensation is part of this, but also think about the free time you have at other times. This way you don't have to take time off for any appointments, the gyms are less busy and you can bring your children to school. Working in shifts also promotes team spirit. Because you work together with your colleagues during the days and evenings, this creates a good bond.

Order picker vacancies

At HC Group, the doors are always open to order pickers who know how to get things done, but who also carry a sense of responsibility. Collecting orders is an important part of the logistics process and of our organization. For the order picker vacancies, we mainly think your mentality, behavior and enthusiasm are important. This is because you become part of a team that is jointly responsible for a pleasant working atmosphere.

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Have you become enthusiastic after reading this vacancy and do you think you fit within the HC Group team? Then you are the new order picker we are looking for!

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